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Jared Williams

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Jared Williams

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My name is Jared. Born in New Jersey; raised in Philadelphia, Tallahassee, and Mississippi; and educated in Louisiana, California, and Texas. I’ve had around 25 different mailing addresses and I’m looking for my next (hopefully more permanent) one now. I finished a three month web development bootcamp at The Iron Yard Academy and am currently working on freelance development projects.

My site is a work in progress, so feel free to poke around. I’d love to hear from you if you’re looking for some help building an app or website, or if your team wants someone who loves working with people as much as writing code, and who excels at useless trivia and 30 Rock or Office Space quotes (please note that said quotes do NOT fall under the heading of “useless trivia”). You can email me, read some more words I wrote or just go back to the wonderful carnival of awesomeness that is whatever you were looking at before you came here (but I hope you email me or read my blog, haha).


My Skills


Technical Writing

Created Job Training Manuals, Excel/PDF tools for daily job usage, Educational Curricula, Christian Small-Group Discussion/Devotional Material

Front End

Bootstrap, Bourbon/Neat/Bitters, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML/CSS


Ruby on Rails, Build/Consume json APIs

Version Control

Git and Github


MA in Cross-cultural Studies, learned teamwork in cross-cultural setting with teammates from all over the globe

I'm currently available for full-time, contract, or freelance work.

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My education and experience.


Rails Engineering

Graduated three-month intensive program focusing on Ruby on Rails and general web development including JavaScript, version control with GitHub, and HTML/CSS. See below for samples of work produced.

The Iron Yard Academy

Fall 2014

Cross-cultural Studies (MA)

Studied how to work in and lead cross-cultural teams, making sure goals are communicated well and the team stays on the same page. Completed documentary film as part of my degree focusing on recovery in the MS Gulf Coast post-Hurrican Katrina.

Fuller Theological Seminary

2003 - 2006


Account Executive

As an Account Executive, audited contracts/invoices in the transportation and oil & gas industries to provide funding on a daily basis. Worked with team in Accounts Receivable capacity, posting and matching payments daily from hundreds of different payors. Created pdf tools to streamline funding approval process and help in overall effort to become as “paperless” as possible as a bank.

Gulf Coast Bank & Trust

2012 - 2014

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